Advancement of Ability in Technology Management and Technology Update: Demand and Solution

On 14 December 2016 in Da Nang, the Conference: “Advancement of Ability in Technology Management and Technology Update: Demand and Solution” was organized by Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) in association with Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI). In the conference participated in some specialists in technology management, entrepreneurs from Da Nang and neighboring provinces.

In the opening speech, Dr. Ta Viet Dung, Director General of State Agency of Technology Innovation (SATI)-MOST stated that the conference was held in the framework of National Program of Technology Innovation until 2020. He highlighted that in the Vietnam’s current trend of extensively regional and global integration, technology management played a huge role within enterprises: identification of chance for technology market and development; it helped Vietnam’s enterprises determine which direction to pursue for technology innovation: maintain or modify current business, technology and products; expanding manufacture or provide new technology and products; approach technology market, etc.,.

Dr. Pham Thi Thu Hang- General Secretary of VCCI gave her opinion in the conference that: “Due to technology management, entrepreneurs easily win to launch a new products or new marketing strategy for motivating consumption of current products; they could apprehend opponents to be the pioneer in technology innovation”.

According to Dr. Phan Quoc Nguyen- Hanoi National University, enterprises could avail themselves of technology management in estimating several future issues possibly arising for maintaining efficient operation. Environment forecasts, those which reflect forthcoming growth of economy, politics and society additionally point out their competitors during the next 5-10 years or longer. It is effective for risk reduction in making decisions, projects, especially innovation projects with inevitable risks and unsecured elements. Thus, proper technology management could ensure decisions finally made after a clever analyzing process. He emphasized: “In particular, enterprises can be self-aware of their capacity to win through weaknesses and promote strengths thanks to technology management in good way”.

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Binh, Director of National Technology Innovation Fund (NATIF) said: “Entities supported by the Fund and reciprocal capital are the enterprises, organizations, individuals proposed projects, topics, activities for technology innovation. Among that, there is a priority for those in the National Program of Technology Innovation, those manufacturing national products; entrepreneurs providing manufacture and services in 58 high technologies and 114 high-tech products; enterprises manufacturing flagship products, target products of Ministries, areas, regions in approved programs, plans and proposals; small and medium-sized enterprises producing new products, services based on high, innovated and modern technologies”.

It can be affirmed that advancement of ability in technology management and technology update becomes the mainstay in production and business process, particularly when facing general trend of globalization and integration nowadays.