Promote cooperation in research, application and transfer of technology in the North

On November 5, 2020, State Agency for Technology Innovation (SATI) cooperated with the Department of Science and Technology of Nam Dinh province to hold la seminar "Promoting cooperation in technology research, application and transfer in the North area" in Nam Dinh.

Mr. Pham The Dung - Deputy Director of SATI and Mr. Mai Thanh Long - Director of Department of Science and Technology of Nam Dinh province chaired the seminar,; Attending the seminar were leaders and staff of centers functioning on technology application and transfer under the Department of Science and Technology of the Northern provinces and cities.


Overview of seminar

The seminar focused on: synthesize and evaluate the performance of the Northern Regional Centers; discuss and exchange difficulties and problems in the operation of the Centers in the period of 2016-2020, the orientation for 2021-2025; introduce and select a number of linkable products and technologies for development along with the value chain.

At the seminar, delegates discussed solutions to promote technology application, technology transfer and innovation in the post-Covid-19 situation, share experiences on a successful model in asscociated formulating and implementing tasks aimed at promoting technology application and innovation, introducing a number of successful models in the development of foreign hi-tech agricultural products.

For closing remark of the seminar, Mr. Pham The Dung suggested that it is necessary to proactively associate with science and technology organizations, enterprises to form assignments serving production, developing products upon market demands, key products as local strengths; In order to bring products to the market, the Centers need to own their products, in addition, they also need to develop a division to introduce and market the products through the technology supply-demand connection points, the technology platforms,…; For merged centers, it is necessary to stabilize the organization to deploy their assignments in the new period.