Departments Introductions

1. Establishment.

SATI was established in March 13th, 2006 according to Decision No. 393/QĐ-TTg promulgated by the Prime Minister. The Minister of Science and Technology also enforced the regulations of Organization Structure and Operations of SATI in May 14th, 2009 (according to Decision No. 807/QĐ-BKHCN in 14/05/2009 which is amended under Decision No. 1418/QĐ-BKHCN in 07/06/2013 by the Minister of Science and Technology). State Agency of Science and Technology Innovation (SATI), the agency of Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology, has the function of supporting the Minister of Science and Technology in state management and organizing implementation of technology application and innovation.

2. Organization Structure Overview.

SATI currently includes:

  • 01 Director General, 03 Deputy Directors General.
  • 06 State management departments: (Department of Innovation Policy, Department of Technology Development for enterprises, Department of Planning and Finance, Department of Technology Promotion and Investment, administrative office.
  • 02 non-income generating centers: the Center of Designing, Manufacturing and Testing, the Center of Technology Supporting Transfer (According to 1418 Regulation, organization structure of SATI also includes: the Center of Technology Commercialization, the Center of Manpower Training and Development, Institute of Research Technology Innovation) and the Southern Representative Office  gone into operation.

3. Staff.

According to Term 5 in the Regulation 1418, SATI’s staff includes: civil servants, officers, contracted officers and freelancers. Among 49 of civil servants and officers: 22 officers in administrative payroll (21 civil servants and 1 officer); 27 contract employees (1 labor contract enacted by the Decree No. 68/2000/NĐ-CP).

On the scale of civil servant: 1 senior specialist (retired), 4 main specialists, 18 specialists and 1 manager.

In the term of professional qualification: 06 doctors, 15 MSs, 26 Bachelors, 02 college-qualified officers.